2.1. Laboratory research systems of linear density

Study of linear density by measuring the minimum, maximum and mean value, standard deviation and C.V. / gravity method - AUTOSORTER; and capacitive method - USTER TESTER.


Uster Tester 5  www.uster.com


2.2. Devices for determining the yarn defects

Defining defects of yarns - N, S, L, T, impurities, shape; simulation of fabric, knitting, blackboard;


2.3. Devices for determining the mechanical properties

Determining mechanical properties of yarn - strength and elongation of yarn, twists, abrasion resistance, friction coefficient




                                      Stick-slip Friction Tester F 460                                      


Uster Tensorapid 4-1   


Uster Tensoiet 1-1


 twist tester – www.sdlatlas.com                            twist tester – www.uster.com


2.4. Instruments for determining yarn hairiness

Sherley Electronic Friction & Hairiness





2.5. Assistive devices – winders, scales, blackboards, rocks and other



2.6. Calibration materials, standards and spare parts; statistical treatment of results; graphical and numerical representation  – www.sdlatlas.com


2.7. Laboratory equipment for sample production

                        Laboratory ring spinning machine       Laboratory winder

                               машина www.sdlatlas.com         www.sdlatlas.com 


2.8. Results meet the relevant standards – ISO, BS, ASTM, DIN, IWTO

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