MARVEL LTD offers the following services:

  • consulting on selection of appropriate equipment and accessories, depending on the specific customer needs;
  • full import and logistics management to the end customer;
  • operation instructions in Bulgarian language;
  • installation and commissioning of the supplied equipment, as well as operator training;
  • up to 3 years warranty maintenance;
  • maintenance and spare parts providing up to 10 years after delivery.







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  Precisa, Kern


 1. Precisa, Switzerland

 1.1 Analytical balances

Balances of Series 321 Precisa differ not only with high precision and accuracy, but are able to meet the most demanding consumer expectations of design, functionality, reliability ... Swiss quality, innovative design combined with the latest technology make the Series 321 Precisa the first choice for laboratory work as well as industrial applications.



      EP 120A                                                                                                        LX 320A

      0.1mg ▪ 120g ▪                                                                                               0.1mg ▪ 320g ▪

1.2 Moisture analyzers

Moisture analyzer EM120-HR meets the highest international quality standards. Precisa has developed a tool that not only provides a high degree of accuracy but also offers an exceptional range of additional options. The EM120-HR will fit perfectly into your IT environment and are equipped with integrated USB and RS232 connections to external computers and equipment.


      XM 60-HR                                                                                            EM 120-HR

      0.1mg / 0.001% ▪ 124g ▪                                                                       0.1mg / 0.001% ▪ 124g ▪



 1.3  Precision and technical balances

The balances are equipped with RS232 and USB interfaces and are able to connect to a wide variety of precision accessories and communication adapters.


1.4 Special equipment balances

One device combines balance and magnetic stirrer - the options can be used together or individually. The magnetic stirrer's rotation speed and power can be adjusted for each particular process (stirring, mixing, dissolving, diluting, emulsifying, etc.)
The magnetic stirrer can be triggered manually, but it can also be controlled via interface that allows integration into an automated system.

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 2. Kern, Germany

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Analytical balances                    Precision balances

Moisture analyzers   

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Centrifuges, micro centrifuges and cooling centrifuges for volumes of 0.2 ml to 4 l.



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