Marvel Lts. is a partner of the following leading manufacturers of pure reagents:

Johnson Matthey


Johnson Matthey It is a leading company in the field of product development for the technology market. More than 175 years Johnson Matthey with the help of 6500 collaborators in 34 countries develops technologies for its customers. Johnson Matthey It is the biggest producer of metals of platinum group. The main activity of the company is the production of autocatalysts and systems for pollution control components for fuel cells, the starting materials for the pharmaceutical industry, catalysts for technological processes and chemicals for special purposes. Furthermore produced and dyes, and coatings for glass-ceramics industry.

Johnson Matthey owns the companies:

  • Avocado Organics
  • Lancaster Synthesis
  • Others

Avocado Organics is specialized in the field of organic and offers hundreds of products that can not be supplied by another manufacturer.

Lancaster Synthesis is part of Johnson Matthey from October, 2004. Lancaster Synthesis offers more than 30,000 products for research activities.

Key products are:

  • reagents for synthesis
  • boric acids
  • heterocyclic compounds
  • organic fluorides
  • isocyanates, isothiocyanates
  • chiral compounds
  • organic-phosphorus products
  • iodine-aromatic compounds

LS Labor-Service GmbH

LS Labor-Service GmbH is our competent partner for all products needed for laboratory work. It offers chemicals for companies in the field of chemical industry, for research laboratories, universities and schools. The product range includes analogues of Merck KGaA, Fluka and Riedel de Haen.

Molekula Ltd is a manufacturer of special and high-quality chemicals for research activities. The product range of the company includes over 100,000 molecules. The company management is based on 100 years of history and experience in the business of reagents. The main production groups include biochemical reagents, buffers, carbohydrates, catalysts, chiral compounds, paints and dyes, fluorinated agents, peptide agents, photo-chemicals, reagents for oligonucleotide synthesis, silanes, sugars, sulfonyl chlorides, fragrances and many other organic molecules.

In addition to the cuts listed in the catalogs of the companies, products can also be supplied in larger quantities.

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